There is so much waiting for you

Breathwork is a powerful tool for healing and transformation

Using the breath we can access deeper parts of ourselves that are conditioned by past experiences. Your life will be fuller when you let go of that which does not serve you anymore and step into your power.

An Exercise In Letting Go

Trust and Surrender Until Life Breathes Through You

When we use conscious connected breath, we can activate pent up energy which is stored in the body. Learning to trust the breath and where it takes you in a breathwork journey can have profound impacts on your life in relationships, career, business, connection to self and your general sense of "wholeness"

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Take A Closer Look

See what can be experienced in a breathwork session

1.5 Hr Breathwork Session

We provide a safe space online to journey with you 1-on-1. Beyond Breathwork incorporates movement, breathwork and meditation in a session tailored to what you and your system needs

Experience All Of You

Our Facilitators are trained to take you into your subconscious mind to allow for deep transformation. There is a whole lot of freedom and love waiting for you and we support what needs to come through.


There is something which is calling you deeper and wants to expand through you. Every person and system is unique and we tune into what needs to unfold for you.


There are so many benefits of doing a guided breathwork session. It's important to have someone trained to support you each step of the way, as what is inside is powerful and it can help to have someone experienced with de-conditioning, releasing and supporting your transformation.

Find Your Internal Resource

We support you to find a place of resource which you can always return to whenever challenge arises

Discover Yourself

Experience your true essence, the diamond in the rough

Lineage Tools

We draw on breathwork lineages and techniques which are tested and deliver results

Release Trauma

Trauma as a word has a lot of connotations but we mean any emotional experience from the past which is still conditioning your reality or showing up in your life. It could be an overly busy mind, feelings of unworthiness, stuckness, anger etc.

Remove Limiting Beliefs

We al adopt limiting beliefs from society and our parents or family. They are subconscious saboteurs and can derail opportunities, destroy love/partnership and limit abundance.

Step Into Your Personal Power

By releasing limiting beliefs, emotional conditioning and the layers of ego, we are left with our true essence, the free you who is here to shine and move through life with love, grace, abundance and more. Connecting more to this source energy is incredibly fulfilling.

Meet Our Team

We have a network of breathwork facilitators ready to support you on your healing journey. Our team has got you covered!


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We are here to support you on your journey

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Our True Passion

Inside every person is something so magnificent, if it is realised even for a moment, it makes all the struggles in this world worthwhile. Our love is connecting people to their own light.

Are You Ready To Breathe?

We are here to support you on your journey

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