1-on-1 Beyond Breathwork Session For Transformation




In this 1.5 hr breathwork session, we will do a short intro, explain the techniques as well as connect to your intention for the session if you have one (it’s not necessary to have an intention but it can be powerful to incorporate). Then we will go into the session, through a journey with sound, some movement, dialogue, supported by the breath to dive deeper into your subconscious mind to uncover what will help you grow. Often, there can be physical symptoms if it’s your first time, there can be emotional release, insights, letting go of limiting beliefs, feelings of joy and self love. Every journey is unique and different, so just come with an open mind and without expectations and let’s breathe together.


These sessions are held online, via zoom  – you can reserve your session through booking here, then we will contact you to schedule the appointment at a time that suits.