Breathwork FAQs

Is Breathwork hyperventilation?

Hyper-ventilation normally occurs when the breath is much more rapid than usual for a prolonged period of time, and generally the exhalation is emphasised, thus changing the carbon dioxide level of the blood and creating and stimulating lightheadedness, cramping of the muscles and panic etc. While breathwork can share effects with hyperventilation and clinically some might define it as controlled hyperventilation, the consequence and the purpose is much different. Normally with breathwork, the inhalation is emphasised and there is more ease and unfolding in the breath rather than a forced or extremely quick breath cycle. What happens is that the body can present similar physical sensations which actually change/transmute when emotion is touched. Often, it is as if there are physical manifestations of latent stress or trauma which subside as the breathwork journey unfolds.

why do my hands cramp when I do breathwork?

Cramping sometimes happens when people do breathwork for the first few times. As in the above, it can be physical manifestations of latent trauma. More often than not, there is something for release when these strong physical sensations present.

Is breathwork dangerous?

The short answer is no. It can bring up intense emotion, present physical pain and discomfort; however, if you do not have high blood pressure or any physical complications and illnesses, it is more of a purgative or cleansing for your body and mind.

how long is a breathwork session?

breathwork sessions range from 15 mins to 1.5 hrs

Is breathwork healthy?

It can be healing. The type and duration should be considered and always listen to your inner guidance

Is it safe to do online?

It is better to do in person with a trained professional, however; for shorter, more controlled sessions and with the correct framing and an honest intention, it can be safe to do online.

are there any side effects of doing breathwork?

there can be physical symptoms of dizziness, cramping, contractions, vomiting (if something very strong is purged from your system), and then emotional reactions and releases. All of which will subside after the breathwork session has finished. Give yourself time to find your centre, do  not operate a vehicle or do anything strenuous in the minutes and hours after a deep session.

can I do this by myself?

It is recommended to do at least 10 breathwork sessions with a professional before doing breathwork by yourself. Breathwork is a tool for transformation and healing and initially it is good to have someone there to support you in this process.