What is Beyond Breathwork (BB)?

We use the breath as a tool to access our deeper gifts

Beyond breathwork draws on conscious connected breathwork, ancient pranayama techniques, movement + meditation to bring us closer to a deeper intelligence within and allow us to live from our true genius, freedom, abundance, love and wisdom.

We have group sessions and 1-on-1 sessions for BB, working on different themes, utilising techniques for personal and collective transformation.

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Who Is BB For?


People seeking practices and techniques that give immediate and lasting change and promote the best version of self

Personal Power

People who want to step into their personal power and greatness


People who have a strong desire for true freedom


people who feel their is something more to life and innately curious


start up directors and coaches wanting to up-level and expand in their business offering

Business Owners

medium sized businesses looking for team building workshops and creating a positive working environment for employees

Beyond Breathwork In 3 Key Offerings

BB For Transformation (1-on-1)

A 1.5hr 1-on-1 breathwork journey to dive deeper into what is holding you back and step into your highest potential.

BB Group Journeys (group sessions)

A 2 Hr group breathwork session incorporating breathwork, movement, meditation and more for personal and collective transformation.

BB Coaching Program

We have 1-on-1 and group containers for 4 to 6 weeks. We activate a series of movement, breath and meditation sequences to cultivate self-realisation and personal power.

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meditation and breathwork
Diving Deeper

Beyond Breathwork


Learn skills to come back to centre and reduce stress and anxiety


Gain routines and insights which change your life


Come back to what is important for you in this life, align and take the next step


Enter deep states of consciousness and release old patterns in accessing your highest potential

Ready to breathe?

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