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Create physical, mental & emotional well-being

of people experience anxiety or depression
of chronic diseases are caused by inflammation which can be mitigated
pranayama neurons to lower anxiety and depression
weeks to release, transform and expand with Beyond Breathwork

Experience Your Own Depth

Our breathwork sequences areĀ  designed to take you deep into who you are.

Balance And Performance

Whether for focus and mental clarity, business, personal growth or leading a more balanced life, we have breathwork routines for you.


The breath is life and learning to consciously control your breath can access the energies and power within you which is beyond you.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

We have pre-recorded and live zoom sessions to help you deepen in your practice.

Live Outside the Box

Tap into your infinite intelligence and start creating a next level life with the tools and techniques at Beyond Breathwork.

Updates & Support

We are with you every step of the way and are here to support your growth and development.

Read the science and experience of breathwork and beyond

An incredible journey and wonderful facilitation! Steven and Ab provided a safe and supportive space to release and allow for the experience to be deeply powerful and transformational. I highly recommend attending to experience their flow and love.

Jacyn Siebert

The breathworkshop was really amazing! Didn't really know what to expect, but I was amazed. Already did some breathwork before and this time it gave me exactly what I needed. I felt so supported. The guys are well trained and very attentive. Every breathsession is different, but I feel especially in this intimate and safe setting I could really let myself go and allow myself to be supported, could surrender completely for the first time. I felt so good afterwards! Can really recommend them. Big thank you to all of you! šŸ’–

Annemarie Kapteyn

A really amazing experience. What made it so magical (besides the amazing location) was the masterful ability of David and Ab to hold a beautiful container for some breakthrough work. I felt really opened up and so present. They guided each process forward in a safe and comforting, yet appropriately challenging way. I'm looking forward to coming back and doing more work with them!

JayShine Patel

Breathwork From the Heart

This is something that we do deeply from our hearts.Ā  We believe in these tools and ultimately in people’s capacity for transformation

Outstanding Quality

We have drawn our experience from some of the leading facilitators and lineagesĀ  to develop outstanding tools for you to grow

Video Tutorials

We provide video tutorials to get you started and show you step by step what to expect and how you can expand into the life that you deserve

Infinite Potential

Our systems and techniques are designed to connect you more to the infinite intelligence which runs through you. From there, the potential is unlimited

Let’s breathe together

Ready to breathe?

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