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With breathwork we can access deeper parts of our subconscious minds, wherein lies our original conditioning and programming from our childhood, genetic predispositions and much more. We are living as if we are missing something. When was the last time you felt consistently happy and content with what you have and who you are? It’s rare because of how our egos are formed. They are crystalised and defined through separation and wounding; they evolve out of a “need” to protect you against a threat. Often, to experience separation from mother, source, parents, family, or being mistreated as children, we learn to “protect” ourselves by any means necessary. Barriers to the outside also block the flow of that which is nurturing like compassion, love, forgiveness etc. So, by protecting ourselves against potential threat we also block feelings of acceptance, worthiness, love and then begin an endless search for something from form – a new house, love from a partner, anything which is externally sourced, even though the root of the wound is an internal one. Learning to self source is an important on-going life skill which we must practice to feel complete and whole as human beings.