1 Day Breathwork Fundamentals Course Online




This online breathwork course is designed to give an overview of breathwork and practical tools you can implement into your life to transform. It is for individuals who want to gain insight and practices using the breath, experience paradigm shift technology, bio-hacking methods and up-level their inner and outer experience in life and business.


  • To facilitate experiences which support you accessing a deeper wisdom and intelligence within you
  • To share tools and wisdom to live a more fulfilling, joyful and inspiring life
  • To create a group/community dynamic to grow and develop  your personal and professional life.


This 1 day live zoom course comprises 4 modules over 4-5 hours. There will be a balance between theory and practice, so you can learn the basics and then dive into practices which can create inspiring shifts in your life.


The techniques and principles in this course are powerful tools for personal transformation. Mastering even some of these tools can:

  • reduce anxiety and a restless mind
  • reduce self-sabotage and the ways you might be blocking your own success or sense of freedom
  • develop self-mastery
  • access your innate genius and flow states
  • open you to paradigm shifts and psychological upgrades
  • increase overall joy and happiness
  • increase productivity
  • improve mental clarity
  • enhance your connection to your higher self and intuition
  • help you live a more meaningful and purposeful life
  • promote overall physical and mental well-being
  • up-level the way you relate to money and abundance
  • support you in creating the life you deserve


This is a live online group course, with limited capacity to keep it personal and relevant.

Price And Schedule

Price is in USD. Course is run monthly based on group numbers. Get in contact to reserve your place or purchase as above.