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What happened to us from the ages 0-7 still impacts us our subconscious today. This age range (and arguably, from in the womb) are formative years in a person’s life. This is normally when we learn that we are separate consciousness from other beings (I am not my mum), when we learn about property (this is mine, that’s yours), when our parents tell us what to do and not to do (parental disapproval and conditional love), and when we form our beliefs about the world (is it safe, am I good enough for this/that etc). Hopefully, we will have some healthy attitudes and beliefs instilled in us from our parents and surroundings. Often, there are alot of “no’s” and “should/shouldn’ts” which create inner resistance in children. How can I do what I want and please my parents? What you resist, persists. Normally we shut down our impulses and desires and characters because we are too loud or too much or we don’t fit into society. The consciousness or energy of somebody who is “not allowed” still operates from under the conscious lid of civilised, “proper” adulthood; and actually, these latent or suppressed energies are expressed through the pursuit of superficial or material objectives. In other words, if we did not get recognised by our fathers/mothers or receive the love we needed or have a traumatic experience in childhood through abuse etc, then there are unmet needs which play out into adulthood. It’s like a part of us never grew up as it never got the approval or love it needed at the time. In adulthood we may need to prove we are good enough by building a big company or prove we deserve attention by committing crime and causing drama. We all have consciousness from an earlier age inside us and how we relate to these aspects of ourselves is important in leading a healthier and freer life.