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Creating the business and life you deserve

The truth is that you can create exactly what you want and beyond. The only bottle neck is the subconscious limiting beliefs and patterns we have been conditioned by, to play small.

Beyond Breathwork

There's something much greater waiting for you

we use advanced bio-hacking techniques and sequences to help you get an edge in your industry and up-level your inner game.

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Next level Techniques

Rituals For Success

Routines and rituals for success

Unleash Potential

Access a deeper part of yourself

Go Beyond

Release what holds you back

Breathwork with Ab has been one of the most supportive and transformative experiences of my life. He is one of the most loving, grounded, and authentic humans with who I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a healing space. I highly recommend him.

Naomi MarieBreathwork Retreat Attendee

A really amazing experience. What made it so magical (besides the amazing location) was the masterful ability of David and Ab to hold a beautiful container for some breakthrough work. I felt really opened up and so present. They guided each process forward in a safe and comforting, yet appropriately challenging way. I'm looking forward to coming back and doing more work with them!

JayShine Patel

An incredible journey and wonderful facilitation! Steven and Ab provided a safe and supportive space to release and allow for the experience to be deeply powerful and transformational. I highly recommend attending to experience their flow and love.

Jacyn SiebertBreathwork Retreat Attendee

The breathworkshop was really amazing! Didn't really know what to expect, but I was amazed. Already did some breathwork before and this time it gave me exactly what I needed. I felt so supported. The guys are well trained and very attentive. Every breathsession is different, but I feel especially in this intimate and safe setting I could really let myself go and allow myself to be supported, could surrender completely for the first time. I felt so good afterwards! Can really recommend them. Big thank you to all of you! šŸ’–

Annemarie KapteynBreathwork Workshop Attendee

4 weeks to learn, up-level and transform

Come on a group journey with entrepreneurs into the A-game
Week 1

Learn breathwork and bio-hacking basicsĀ 

Week 2

Get Advanced Techniques to go deeperĀ 

Week 3

Release what is holding you backĀ 

Week 4

re-write and up-level your inner game

Flow States

Get practices and techniques to tap into your ‘flow states’ to access your genius and turn up life


Experience leading breathwork techniques for performance and personal growth


Journey into paradigm-shifting technology and bio-hacking to create the life you deserve

This online breathwork course is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, start-up owners, small/medium business directors and individuals who want to gain insight and practices using the breath, experience paradigm shift technology, bio-hacking methods and up-level their inner and outer experience in life and business.


  • To facilitate experiences which support you accessing a deeper wisdom and intelligence within you
  • To share tools and insights to live a more fulfilling, joyful and inspiring life
  • To create a group/community dynamic to grow and developĀ  your personal and professional life.


The structure is quite flexible for business owners. This course is run over 4 weeks, with 1 live group zoom per week for 2-3 hours (discussion on core principles, then group practice and training). Then there will be pre-recorded video tutorials and practices to implement in your own time.


The techniques and principles in this course are powerful tools for personal transformation. Mastering even some of these tools can:

  • reduce anxiety and a restless mind
  • reduce self-sabotage and the ways you might be blocking your own success or sense of freedom
  • develop self-mastery
  • access your innate genius and flow states
  • open you to paradigm shifts and psychological upgrades
  • increase overall joy and happiness
  • increase productivity
  • improve mental clarity
  • enhance your connection to your higher self and intuition
  • help you live a more meaningful and purposeful life
  • promote overall physical and mental well-being
  • up-level the way you relate to money and abundance
  • support you in creating the life you deserve


This course is limited to 10-12 students so we can dive deep as a group.

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